Inspired by Friendship


A couple of years ago I started a mom heart group, gathering together what might be considered an eclectic, small group of women that I thought might be interested in walking a little deeper road of life with me.

We meet once a month during the winter months, eat a beautiful potluck meal together and then have a time of study and discussion. We usually end up being at my house for about 5 or 6 hours! It’s a big commitment really for moms with thriving, active families but it is a really wonderful time of sharing, learning and getting to know one another.

There are only 8 of us. Some are younger on the journey and some have more experience with the journey but I think that makes it rich and lovely and I love these women.

We don’t all go to the same church. We don’t all live technically in the same communities, but what I have gained from each one of them is so valuable and life giving.

We don’t always see one another between our meetings but when we do, weather its planned or a surprise gift that is what it is, gift.

Many of these women have either grown up on a farm or have lived “it” long enough that they intrigue me with their knowledge about all kinds of things that I know nothing about. I love learning about what each woman loves to do, what they are good at, what they think they aren’t good at and really are!

I love that they are all mama’s who uniquely live out their devotion and commitment to their families and communities day in and day out.

They inspire me.

Recently I decided that the kids and I were going to take this gardening thing a little more seriously! Ha! I figured it would be better to go with the grain on this one and take advantage of the opportunity we have right outside of our kitchen door…

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Written by Alli

Hi I’m Alli, an American-city-girl turned Canadian-farmer’s-wife, learning daily how God’s plans for me are far and above anything than I could have dreamed for myself- even if they look a little (OK a lot!) different than “my” plans. Grateful to still be learning how to love well the patient farmer after 18 years, and blessed beyond measure to mother and school two amazing, delightful girls, my sweet little man from Ethiopia and our baby boy from the US.

I love to learn, create and be surrounded by beauty in the little things. I am an interior designer by trade but keep trying to hang up that hat in order to live intentionally in this season, to slow and be present, to serve and to love whomever happens to be at the farm! Oh- there is that little bit about being a recovering food addict… but I’m sure we’ll have time for that later! I love to share life with others so thanks for being willing to open a bit of yourself up as you take a bit from me.


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