Why Beauty Matters

I watched this one hour documentary last week on Why Beauty Matters. It is a philosophical look at art and beauty. It is excellent so I wanted to share. If you have an hour to spare, check it out:


If you watch it, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Written by Anne

Hi I’m Anne. My husband Grant and I have 3 young kids and we live in our hometown in Colorado. We homeschool (in a blend of Charlotte Mason, Classical, and Montossori styles). I love reading, books of all sorts, running, Pilates, bikes with wicker baskets, coffee, my friends, good conversation, the mountains, gardening, cooking for friends and family, experiencing new places and cultures, giving presents, teaching, writing, and creating things.


  1. Ann Everitt says:

    David and I really enjoyed it while in CA. Thanks for sending it. I also sent it the lady
    on the plane next to me. We had a conversation about beauty among many other things!

    Blessings, Ann

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