Soul Food

I just wanted to share a few things that are feeding my soul at the moment:

First, the Tim Keller Podcast (thanks Krissy!) Tim Keller is one of my favorite preachers and I used to buy his sermons at the Redeemer Store… but his podcast makes his sermons available for free! This past week I listed to his sermons on Spiritual Warfare and The Healing of Anger. Both were great.


The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization by Vishal Mangalwadi.

I am not very far into this book but it is SO good that I had to share it with you. “Mangalwadi was born and raised in India where he studied philosophy in secular universities and Hindu ashrams. After studying in Swiss L’Abri for six months, he returned to India to serve the rural poor through several creative projects.”

In the first chapter of the book Mangalwadi looks at the Biblically shaped western worldview of past in contrast to the modern worldview that has abandoned Biblical views and values, showing us how this “liberation” of Biblical values has shaped modern society. By peering into the life of Kurt Cobain, a musician who sold more records than Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley— whose lyrics and music obviously resonate with a generation, we can see the logical outcomes of such a nihilistic worldview: lives marked by suffering and meaninglessness, broken families, a loss of truly great music and art, teen deaths by suicide and murder (which  was practically unheard of before the “liberation” of the 60s), and so on. Mangalwadi goes on to share his own journey to Christian faith and explores how a Biblical worldview— or lack thereof, shapes views on self, humanity, rationality, technology, heroism, revolution, languages, literature, education, science, morality, family, compassion, liberty, and more.

A must read! And if you are interested in hearing some of the lectures from L’Abri, you can do so here. (Again, thanks Krissy!)

And then there is this… I love this band. Their music moves my soul:

What books, music, and resources are feeding your soul? I’d love to hear. {My favorites always come to me as referrals by friends.}