A Cup of Cold Water

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What does it mean to receive a Cup of Cold Water? Scripture says you will not miss out on a thing. It was a beautiful summer evening when my girls and I unexpectedly “dropped by” the home of a young mom we hadn’t seen in a long time. As the door opened there she was with her huge smile beckoning us to come in exclaiming her joy that we “dropped by”. We engaged in a half hour of catching up, exchanging photos and laughter. Tears were shed when we left. Our cups were full.….as we were greeted and received into her home.
On our drive home the girls and I reminisced….her little boy ran around the house without a diaper, her house was in a bit of disarray, she even offered us a hotdog to eat . It was so freeing to be in a non-perfect atmosphere! It was a touching and warm visit. We realized we received such a blessing through the words that were exchanged. “Dropping in” filled our cups….let your cup be filled this week……”drop in” on someone you have been thinking about.

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