Weekend Musings…

If you have a bit of time to spare this weekend, these are worth watching. In the first video, Tim Keller talks about Doing Justice.

The biblical definition of righteousness, of righteous people, is those who are willing to disadvantage themselves to advantage the community, and the wicked are those who put their own economic, social and personal needs ahead of the community.

This second video, from Children Desiring God , is called Wife, Mother, Disciple-Maker .

Our influence on our children will be flawed. We will fail many times… But the redeeming news is that we are called to be authentic examples, not perfect examples. A person who is an authentic example asks forgiveness when he has wronged another… when you are impatient (with your children) or lash out in anger or frustration (against them), are you quick to admit your failing? … By God’s grace, we can be authentic examples.